1985   Born in Ethiopia, made Aliyah to Israel in "Operation Solomon"1991.
Lives and works in Tel Aviv.
2011-2015: B.F.A  Shenkar College of Engineering and Design,

School of Multidisciplinary Art, Ramat Gan, Israel.

2019: 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair, Solo exhibit at Addis Fine Art Gallery,  Industria, West Village, New York, USA.
2019: Solo exhibition,"Three views", Hezi cohen Gallery, Tel Aviv. Curator: Shulamit Nuss, Hagit Peleg Rotem
2018:  Solo exhibition, "Flying with Angels", Tafeta, Addis Fine Art Project Space, London, Uk.
2018:  "Israeli Fine Art ", A Pop-Up Exhibition, Africana, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Curator: Eliya Maharat Shlomon, Edom Belete. 
2018:  "70 Years: Individual - State"group exhibition, Trumpeldor Gallery, Be'er Sheva. Curator: Cohava Peterman-Lipschutz

2018: "HeArt ", group exhibition, The Leviev Heart Center, Sheba Medical Center, Ramat Gan.  Curators: Shira Davidi, Dorit Lautman.

2017: "Tav Teken ", group exhibition, Supreme Court, Jerusalem. Curators: Orna Yair.

2017: "Dangerous Art", group exhibition, Haifa Museums of Art. Curator: Revital Silverman Grun.
2017: "Equals", group exhibition, Fresh Paint Art Fair 9, Tel Aviv. Curators: Shiri Broza, Keren Broza.
2017:  Artist's Greenhouse, Fresh Paint Art Fair 9, Tel Aviv.
2017: "Woman to her Sis", group exhibition, The Herzlielinblum Museum of Discount Bank, Tel Aviv. Curator: Shulamit Nuss, Vera Pilpoul.
2016:  "Bread & Roses", art-sale group exhibition, Tel Aviv Artist's Studios. Curator: Dani Ben Simhon.
2016:  "Painting Camp 2016: Activists", group exhibition, The Negev Museum of Art, Be'er Sheva. Curators: David Vakstein, Dalia Manor.
2016:  “Zoom 2016", group exhibition, Ticho House – The Israel Museum, Jerusalem. Curators: Gila Limon, Tal Bechler, Timna Seligman.
2015:  "Material identity…cultural identity", group exhibition, The Yavne Art Workshop, Yavne. Curator: Ronnie Reuben. 
2015:  Graduation Exhibition, "Survival War", Shenkar College.  Curator: Gal Weinstein and Yonatan Amir.
2014:  "Come To Bat-Yam", group exhibition, Ribak Museum, Bat-Yam. Curator: Larry Abramson, Joshua Simon.
2013:  "Change / Exchange", group exhibition, The African Studies Gallery, Tel Aviv.                      
2014:  Award for academic excellence, The Talia Sidi prize, Shenkar College.
2017:   Sothebys'  'Under The Hammer' prize, Artist's Greenhouse, Fresh Paint Art Fair 9, Tel Aviv.
2018: Residency program, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. 
Collaboration with "Africa First" artist Residency program by Serge Tiroche, and with
Contemporary Art Gallery, Addis Fine Art.
Nirit Takele's paintings have been acquired by public and private collections, amongst them: the Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Start Collection, Shenkar College.
It has always been important for me to paint from a place that understands color. Over the years, I explored color and experimented with different ways of how to work with it. My interest in painting stems from building the figures in color and creating tension between the figurative to the abstract forms.
In work, I deal with situations that are connected to the imagination and to folk stories from the Ethiopian culture. My paintings touch issues from the daily life of the Ethiopian community in the current Israeli reality. The fact of being part of a minority population gives me inspiration in painting.